Yacas documentation

This document describes the functions that are useful in the context of using Yacas as an end user.

This document should get you started programming in Yacas. There are some basic explanations and hands-on tutorials.

This is the second part of the Yacas function reference. This reference explains functions that are used in the Yacas source code that is underneath what the user sees. The documentation in this section is thus mostly useful to people who are maintaining Yacas.

This book is a detailed description of the algorithms used in the Yacas system for exact symbolic and arbitrary-precision numerical computations. Very few of these algorithms are new, and most are well-known. The goal of this book is to become a compendium of all relevant issues of design and implementation of these algorithms.

This document gives a short introduction to Yacas. Included is a brief tutorial on the syntax and some commands to get you started using Yacas. There are also some examples.

This is a book of essays on Yacas. It covers various topics, from using the Yacas system for specific calculations to general issues related to the Yacas system development and maintenance.