Ayal Pinkus
This project was started by Ayal Pinkus who remains the main author and the primary maintainer.
John Lapeyre
made some modifications to the make file, and improved some math code.
Juan Pablo
reported many bugs, made many suggestions for improvements, and supplied improved code (yacas scripts and makefile code).
Doreen Pinkus
Designed the second version of the Web site for Yacas.
Igor Khavkine
added 'Diverge' and 'Curl', and implemented threading for the derivative operator (the gradient). Fixed GMP code.
James Gilbertson
Win32 port, improved error reporting. Added initial version of Karatsuba multiplication, and added some matrix functions to the math library.
Daniel Richard G.
added autoconf/automake scripts, made Sun/Sgi compilation possible, created a rpm spec file, many many many changes to clean up the source distribution.
Ladislav Zejda
supplied patches to make Yacas work on Dec Alpha's.
Fred Bacon
fixed some compiler errors on the newer gcc compiles. Reported some important bugs.
reported an important bug in numeric calculations.
Serge Winitzki
added factorials over rationals, TeXForm, did a major overhaul of the introduction manual (actually, he wrote large part of the manual as it is), and initiated numerous improvements and test code for Yacas, and implemented yacas_client. Actually, Serge has been one of the larger contributors, and the main force behind the improved documentation.
Jay Belanger
reported some bugs, and improved some of the GnuPlot code. He also wrote the yacas.el file, which allows you to run yacas from within emacs. His most recent version can be found here
Gopal Narayanan
maintains the Debian package for Yacas.
Vladimir Livshits
set up the initial sourceforge CVS repository, and updated the Windows version source code. He also greatly improved the logic theorem prover code.
Eugenia Loli
Helped build the BeOS version of Yacas. It can be found here
Saverio Prinz
built a fantastic Mac version of Yacas. It can be found here
John Fremlin
Added some code for fast calculation of roots of a cubic polynomial.
Mark Arrasmith
Helped greatly in setting up the fltk-based graphicaluser interface, and fixed some bugs relating to limits regarding infinity.
Robert V Schipper
Ironed out a few bugs in Yacas.
Gopal Narayanan
Debian package maintainer. Made a man page for Yacas.
Christian Obrecht
Made a much better Limit, and made Yacas behave better at infinity.
Jitse Niesen
Reported some bugs, helped improve various parts of Yacas, and greatly improved the manual for Yacas.
Pablo Di Napoli
Fixed the configure script so Yacas compiles under cygwin.
Joris van der Hoeven
Helped with texmacs support.
Alberto González Palomo
Implemented a console-mode version of Yacas for AgendaVR. Changed the directory structure for the script files, and implemented initial support for OpenMath.
Jonathan Leto
Helped improve the integration algorithm, and helped extend the tests used for Yacas (finding numerous bugs).
Andrei Zorine
Started the body of statistics code.
Daniel Rigby
Brought a client-server structure to the EPOC32 version of Yacas.
Dirk Reusch
Added some linear algebra functions, and fixed some predicate functions.
Mark Hatsell
made the server code work on Windows.
Yannick Versley
sent some patches regarding bugs relating integration and differentiation.
Franz Hack
Supplied a Delphi interface to the Yacas DLL.
Mike Pinna
Applied some bug fixes.
Sebastian Ferraro
Reported bugs and supplied improved code (determinants).
Roberto Colistete Junior
Is maintaining a version of Yacas for SymbianOS.
Jim Apple
Reported bugs and supplied improved code for gcc 3.3.4
Wolfgang Hšnig
created a port of Yacas that runs on PocketPC, to be found here .
Rene Grothmann
Married Euler to Yacas. Link here .
Peter Gilbert
Made many improvements to the C++ code to make it conform more to standard C++ coding conventions (class interfaces looking more like stl), improved the regression test suite.
Ingrid Halters
Helped improve the ease of use of the Yacas web site.
Gabor Grothendieck
Gabor is the maintainer of Ryacas, and gave valuable feedback on the new web site.